30 Dec 2021

  • Bigger discounts and free towing and cleaning services offered

Subang Jaya, 30 December 2021 -  As the scale of the damage caused by the recent floods becomes more apparent, PROTON has announced an enhanced assistance package for its customers whose cars were damaged to ease their financial burden. Following are the details of the new package:


  • 50% discount on selected replacement parts for all models except for the Proton X50 & Proton X70
  • Free towing, exterior and engine bay cleaning services


“PROTON is deeply sympathetic to the plight of the victims of the recent floods as many of them consist of B40 households. To date, our service centers have received approximately 600 cars and we estimate there to be many more that will arrive in the coming days and weeks. Therefore, we have enhanced our assistance package in the hope that it will provide some financial relief to these families,” said Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Proton Edar. 


For Proton X50 and Proton X70 owners, the discount for selected parts has been increased to 25% from the 20% that was previously announced. The discount for labour charges has also been boosted to 25%, which is applicable to all models. All assistance benefits are offered at selected Proton 3S/4S centers and are subject to terms and conditions. Additionally, customers insured under the Proton Insurance Programme (PIP) can also claim RM1,000 in flood relief benefits. 


“Aside from the assistance package, PROTON is also negotiating with the banks to allow customers to pay for their repairs via instalment using their credit cards. This will further assist their cash flow as they will neither be charged interest fees nor have to come up with a lump sum payment,” added Roslan


For more information, please call PROTON’s customer care line at 1-800-88-8398.