08 Apr 2022


  • 3,000 packs of bubur lambuk distributed to frontliners and staff

Subang Jaya, 8 April 2022In conjunction with the fasting month of Ramadan, national car maker PROTON distributed 3,000 packs of bubur lambuk to frontliners comprising the police, medical and fire department as well as internal staff in Subang Jaya and Shah Alam. The initiative, a collaboration between Kelab Media Prima and the company’s sports and recreation arm, Kelab PROTON, saw team members cooking and packing the dish at PROTON’s headquarters in Shah Alam before heading out to distribute it to several locations.

The cooking and distribution of bubur lambuk during Ramadan is an annual affair for PROTON and its employees but has been put on hold the past two years due to Covid-19. With Malaysia moving to the endemic stage on 1 April, the opportunity arose to revive the tradition.

“Bubur lambuk is a dish that typifies the month of Ramadan in Malaysia and symbolises the spirit of sharing during the holy month. It’s an annual tradition for PROTON staff to cook and share the dish with their colleagues and after two years of having to forego the exercise, we decided to widen our reach and include frontliners from local communities in Shah Alam and Subang Jaya as a gesture of thanks for the work they do,” said Roslan Abdullah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, PROTON. 

This year, Malaysians will also get to balik kampung again to celebrate Hari Raya after a two-year hiatus. As the trips are often long due to the sheer volume of traffic, PROTON would like to remind all road users to drive safely and to ensure their vehicles have been serviced prior to the trip

“We encourage all Proton owners to book an appointment prior to their Hari Raya travels if their vehicles are due for servicing. With the recent increase in stocks for 22 fast moving parts at our 3S/4S centres, PROTON is ready to help ensure our customers have a safe journey to and from their hometown,” added Roslan Abdullah.