28 Mar 2024

  • Product placement for 2024 focused on Proton S70 and after sales service
  • Short film produced together with Little Joe extends collaboration


Subang Jaya, 28 March 2024 –National carmaker PROTON premiered the newest instalment of its Hari Raya short film at a buka puasa event with the media yesterday. The 2024 edition was produced in collaboration with Elite Definition Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor for Little Joe Air Freshener in Malaysia.

This year’s PROTON Hari Raya short film showcases the Proton S70, the company’s popular C-segment sedan, as well as its 3S/4S outlets that offer class leading after sales service. With a run time of nearly 22 minutes, it features popular Malaysian actors Shaheizy Sam, Sharifah Amani and Fauziah Ahmad Daud under the direction of local actor and director, Pekin Ibrahim.

“PROTON decided to collaborate with Little Joe Air Fresheners to produce our Hari Raya short film this year following two years of doing it ourselves. It is also a natural extension to our current partnership where air fresheners are offered to after sales customers and the company is developing a fragrance that is specific to Proton vehicles,” said Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Edar.

Making its debut in 2022, the first two editions of the PROTON Hari Raya short film revolved around themes familiar to Proton fans. The first film was based on an old Proton Hari Raya jingle while last year’s film featured the story of Sarjan Ismail Jaafar, the man credited with creating the Proton Saga name as the company celebrated its 40th anniversary.

For 2024, the story line revolves around a more general theme regarding time spent with family, sacrifices being made as well as loss during the Hari Raya celebration. At the same time, there are subtle references to the unique features of the Proton S70 as well as the amenities customers can find at Proton’s 3S/4S service centres.

“The theme for our Hari Raya film this year is more universal and applies to real world situations that many of us face on a daily basis. There is still a commercial angle with less obvious highlights for our products and services but as a whole, we believe viewers will have no doubt this is a Proton based shirt film,” added Roslan Abdullah.

The 2024 PROTON Hari Raya film can be viewed at: