21 Sep 2018

Tanjung Malim, 20 September 2018 – PROTON added to its export activities in 2018 during a flag-off ceremony at its plant in Tanjung Malim today.

A total of 225 Proton cars will set sail on 22 September 2018 from Northport, Klang, and are set to arrive at Alexandria port in Cairo on 6 October. Once there, they will be received by PROTON’s distributor in Egypt, Alpha Ezz El-Arab, to be distributed to the seven branches and dealers that serve the market.

Rebuilding a brand presence

The ceremony in Tanjung Malim marks the first shipment of Proton cars to Egypt in nearly three years. The last shipment, comprising 320 units of the Proton Gen 2 and Persona, was sent in December 2015 before the devaluation of the local currency made it impossible to price new stock competitively. Efforts by the distributor and the continued export of parts however ensured the needs of owners were met while waiting for a turnaround in the economic climate.

With market conditions having improved, PROTON is now able to re-establish export activities and take advantage of an automotive market projected to experience significant growth in Total Industry Volume (TIV) over the next few years. Fuelling its stronger presence will be three Proton models making their local market debut coupled to improvements in product quality due to the introduction of product audit processes used by Geely.

"PROTON is excited at being able to export its cars to a market where they have proven to be popular in the past. Buyers there value the safety, reliability and strong resale price of Proton cars, qualities evident in the three models set to be launched in  Cairo in October. To ensure sufficient stocks, the distributor has ordered an additional 280 units to be shipped next month with a target of 1,000 cars for the whole of 2018,” said Dato’ Radzaif Mohamed, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PROTON.

Aside from resuming new car sales in Egypt, Alpha Ezz El-Arab will also be introducing PROTON’s new Corporate Identity (CI) in 3 outlets. This is a significant step as they will be the first to carry PROTON’s latest showroom CI outside of Malaysia.

“The move to adopt our new CI shows our distributor is in step with our aim of building a consistent brand experience and image for PROTON internationally. It will also help in our aim to add to the more than 13,000 Proton cars that have been sold in Egypt since 2004,” he added.

Focusing on export initiatives

One of the key areas identified to fuel business growth for PROTON is export markets. Therefore, significant steps are being taken to ensure plans to grow export sales can be fulfilled, including studies on exploring possible CKD activities in other countries. This will help in markets where PROTON competes against brands with established CKD operations and opens up the possibility of establishing regional hubs.

“As PROTON seeks to drive its export initiatives forward, establishing regional CKD activities will be vital to increasing our brand visibility and growing sales volume. It will also improve our cost effectiveness and help to speed up entry into new markets. At this point however, the PROTON Tanjung Malim plant as well as Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Shah Alam Plant remain essential as they will build the cars required to serve our export markets in a timely manner,” said Dato’ Radzaif.

Encik Abdul Rashid Musa, CEO of PROTON Edar, Dato’ Azman Shah Mohd Yusof, CEO of Northport (Malaysia) Bhd, Dato’ Radzaif Mohamed, DCEO of PROTON, Mr Satoshi Yamaguchi, Managing Director of Mitsui OSK Lines (Asia Oceania), Mr Yoshiya Inamori, Vice President Of Manufacturing PROTON, Steven Xu Yuan, Director of International Sales PROTON.