31 Jul 2019

Subang Jaya, 31 July 2019 – The PROTON ‘Intelligence that Inspires Challenge’ ended on Monday, 29 July 2019, with an exciting final held at PROTON’s Centre Of Excellence (COE) headquarters. 12 teams competed against each other and made their final presentations to a panel of seven judges consisting of senior management from PROTON, marketing industry professionals and members of the media.

The overall winner was Team Eureka from Politeknik Port Dickson who wowed the judging panel with their innovative ideas and well thought out presentation. Finishing second was Team Alpha from Taylor’s Lakeside Campus while third place was awarded to Team Alpha Visionaries from UTAR Kampar.

Presenting to a panel of professionals

To ensure teams in the final were given as much real world experience as possible, PROTON engaged marketing and media industry professionals to sit on the judging panel. Led by Cheng Seng Fook, Director of Sales and Marketing for PROTON, the marketing industry members of the panel were Tuan Abang Jimmy Abang Mordian, Head of Marketing for PETRONAS Dagangan, Assoc. Prof. Dr Norbani Che Ha, Head of Marketing Department for the faculty of Business & Accountancy at Universiti Malaya and Mr Devan Perinpanay, Country Manager for VM Ware Malaysia.

Media members who sat on the judging panel were Mr Hafriz Shah, the Head of Editorial of, Mr Gan Yong Li, founder and owner of and Mr Eugene Wong Kang Yen, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Sin Chew Daily.

Having sat through each of the final presentations, the judges were then given time to convene with each other before a final winner was chosen. The team with the highest overall score won though it did not necessarily have to top the list on each judge’s scorecard.  

“The high level of original thinking, creativity and confidence shown by each team in the final was a welcome surprise for the judges. We all remember what we were like as students so to come up before a panel of industry experts and to present their ideas clearly would have required a lot of practice and self-assurance. I think every team in the final is already made up of winners who have a bright future in any industry they wish to join, so it’s reassuring to see the future of our country will soon be in the hands of some very smart Malaysians,” said Cheng Seng Fook.

PROTON unveil parts of plan for 2020

During the prize giving ceremony Dr Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer of PROTON, shared the future ambitions of the company.

For 2019, sales have grown by 61% for the first six months of the year, comfortably outpacing all rivals as well as Total Industry Volume (TIV). The Company has now ended three consecutive months in second place in the sales table and sits only a few hundred units behind Japanese rival Honda for overall sales this year. The immediate target is therefore to end the year in second place.

“PROTON targets to sell more than 100,000 cars in 2020 and we also intend to finish at the top in our class for Customer Service Index (CSI) and Sales Service Index (SSI) scores. To achieve this, we will add to our industry leading number of 3S/4S outlets from 100 to 150 by the end of next year. PROTON will also continuously improve its product quality and our long-term goal is to match the quality audit score of Geely. Combine these elements with our future product launches and I am confident of our plan to return to the top,” said Dr Li Chunrong.