10 Oct 2019
Making road trips fun for families

Everybody needs an outlet to escape from the pressures of work and for most people, going on a trip with family members is the perfect way to relax and unwind. With the end of the school year fast approaching, the time to start planning that trip has arrived but that also brings up another issue; traveling expenses. Flying to somewhere exotic for a holiday can be expensive, but there are alternatives.

Instead of heading overseas, why not embark on a road trip with the family to one of the many beautiful locations in Malaysia? Here are some tips to ensure the trip is one worth remembering, so that the journey becomes a highlight of your holiday.

Ensure there is enough room for everyone

One of the most important thing is comfort for the whole family. Recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records for ‘The Most People in MPV’, the 7-seater 2019 Proton Exora is a prime example of a vehicle that has ample space for everyone and their belongings. Not only is it roomy, it’s equipped with air conditioner vents for all three rows to keep everyone comfy and cool throughout the journey.

Take the scenic route

There are 13 states in Malaysia, each with their own unique blend of culture and food. The secret to experiencing them is to take a page out of Robert Frost’s book and take the road less travelled. Trunk roads offer plenty of opportunity to purchase fresh local produce, while making it more likely to see something you wouldn’t otherwise see in city centres. Just make sure your car is able to absorb the bumps as easily as the 2019 Exora though, or it could mean a premature end to the road trip, thanks to motion sickness. You might need to get to the nearest town quickly too when everybody starts to get hungry, so the 1.6 litre turbo-charged engine that powers PROTON’s MPV is more than capable of delivering a smooth turn of speed when needed.

Say what you need to say

Long hours in a vehicle together are often a chance for family members to engage in heart to heart conversations. Share stories and reminisce about the past or perhaps ask some younger family members about school. Never a minute of awkwardness in the 2019 Exora when you have online music streaming at just the bare mention of Hi PROTON! With the intelligent head unit, there are over 10,000 songs available in the music library with customized playlists and a searchable database for songs in multiple languages. We’d ditch emotional singers like John Mayer with someone more current like Ariana Grande to lighten the mood; or if things get too heavy, The Tremeloes with ‘Silence is Golden’ or No Doubt’s ‘Don’t Speak’ might be a good subtle hint to keep quiet.

Take some time to explore

From Banjaran Titiwangsa to the north and Mount Kinabalu to the east, there are plenty of sights to see and things to do. The secret to finding these hidden gems is to perhaps head to these locations without a plan and see where the open road takes you. Don’t worry if you get a little lost though, as it’s once again the intelligent head unit of the 2019 Exora to the rescue! Thanks to integrated 4G connectivity, you’ll be able to turn on the navigation system and find your way out of even the remotest back roads in the country.


Since its launch in May, sales efforts for the 2019 Proton Exora with intelligent features are thriving, making it the number 1 C-Segment MPV in terms of sales in Malaysia. And with all the new features added to the 2019 Exora, nothing trumps the price reduction for the 2019 Exora that are available in two variants – the Executive and the Premium starting from RM59,800.


In a nutshell, the 2019 Proton Exora is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for an MPV that’s suitable for the whole family. Awarded the Best Family Ride (RM50,000 to RM100,000, 3-Row Seating) category during the fourth CarSifu Editors’ Choice Awards gala dinner, the 2019 Proton Exora is powerful, reliable and incredibly comfortable. It truly is the embodiment of ‘Intelligence that Moves’, because it not only moves the family, it’s designed to take you on plenty of adventures, as a family.