05 Dec 2023

  • Total Year-to-Date (YTD) sales 141,900 units, surpassing year 2022
  • Bookings for Proton S70 Surge Threefold Post-Launch


Subang Jaya, 5 December 2023-National carmaker PROTON continues to affirm its stronghold in the market with yet another month of impressive sales figures. In November 2023, Proton recorded a total registration of 12,296 units (domestic + export). This achievement solidifies Proton's second position among automotive brands, demonstrating resilience in a competitive market.

The Company's total YTD sales up to November reached an impressive 141,900 units (Domestic: 138,876 units, Export: 3,024 units). Notably, Proton has already surpassed the sales volume of the entire previous year, reaching 141,900 units compared to last year's 141,432 units. A commendable 12% growth year-on-year brings the market share to a steady 19.7%.

Bookings for Proton S70 reaching 900 Per Week

Launched on 28 November, the PROTON S70 has made a remarkable impact with a threefold increase in bookings following its launch and price announcement. The tagline "Intelligence that Evolves" proves to be more than just words, resonating well with consumers. The surge in bookings, now surpassing 900 per week, speaks volumes about the model's popularity and its ability to meet the demands of the Malaysian market. Total bookings for the S70 have already exceeded 3,000 units, marking a successful entry that aligns seamlessly with the needs and preferences of Malaysians.

PROTON X Series continues to win Malaysian hearts

Proton X Series, consisting of the X50, X70, and X90 models, has captured the hearts of Malaysian car buyers, reaching the remarkable milestone of 201,710 units on the road. The X Series, known for its innovation, performance, and style, has become a symbol of Proton's commitment to delivering vehicles that resonate with the diverse preferences of consumers.

The Proton X50, a frontrunner in the B-segment SUV category, remains a customer favourite, contributing significantly to November's success with 2,115 units sold. Since launch, a total of 102,325 units were sold. The X70, a robust contender in the C SUV segment, recorded 95,100 units in sales since launch, maintaining its strong market standing. The X90, introduced less than a year ago, continues to lead the D SUV segment, garnering 4,285 units in sales, further contributing to the overall success of the X Series.

High demand for Proton PIES models drives significant sales growth

Proton's PIES models (Saga, Iriz, Persona, Exora) continue to record impressive growth compared to YTD 2022 with a 34.3% growth. Proton Saga remains the highest, taking the lead with 6,349 units sold, the second-highest for the year, showcasing its enduring popularity among Malaysian car buyers.

Reflecting on the achievements, Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Proton Edar, stated, "November has shaped up well for us, and we're poised for a strong year-end close. Our model lineup has been a key player, perfectly aligning with preferences for style, performance, technology, and practicality. The ongoing improvements in our after-sales services have strengthened customer confidence, ensuring a smooth ownership journey. We're confident in delivering a strong finish this year, getting cars into the hands of our customers before the year concludes.”

PROTON November 2023 – Individual Model Performance (including export)

Model No of units sold Total Sales 2023 Sales achievement for the month
Saga 6,349 64,155 2nd highest volume A-segment sedan
Persona 1,902 22,557 3rd highest volume B-segment sedan
Exora 302 4,212 Highest volume C-segment MPV
Iriz 518 7,151 4th highest volume B-segment hatchback
X70 739 10,444 2nd highest volume C-segment SUV
X50 2,115 29,096 2nd highest volume B-segment SUV
X90 371 4,285 Highest volume D-segment SUV
Total 12,296 141,900