04 Oct 2023

  • Total YTD sales up to September recorded as 116,832 units
  • PROTON sales growth for 2023 remains ahead of TIV at 14.1%

Subang Jaya, 4 October 2023 – Sales for national carmaker PROTON continued on its upward trajectory in 2023 with an additional 12,230 units (domestic + export) being sold in September. This brings total sales for the first three quarters of the year to 116,832 units, an increase of 14.1% compared to 2022, and sets the base for a final push in Q4 to surpass last year’s 12-month total of 141,432 units.

Compared to August, sales in September receded by 1,725 units while total industry volume (TIV) also retreated to below the 70,000-unit threshold. PROTON’s sales growth however still remains ahead of total industry growth by more than 3.7% while market share also remains ahead of the figure from 2022, currently standing at 20.5% or 0.7% more than the previous year.

Strong demand for PIES models power sales growth

Heading into the final quarter of 2023, four Proton models continue to lead their respective segments. The Proton Persona ended September as the second most popular B-segment sedan with 2,053 units sold but it remains the YTD market leader with total sales of 18,614 units, 72.6% more than last year, and proving its combination of connectivity, safety, functionality, and premium design attracts buyers wanting a reliable family sedan.

The company’s newest model, the Proton X90, is also proving to be attractive to buyers looking for a premium family SUV that uses mild-hybrid technology. A service update was recently issued for the model and as a result, all units on the production line and in customer hands are in the process of being updated. This caused a minor delay in production and 491 units were delivered in September, but the situation is expected to return to normal this month. With 3,435 units sold thus far, the X90 also remains as the sales leader in the D-segment SUV market.

Two additional segment leaders from Proton are the Proton X50 and the Proton Exora. The former garnered 2,210 sales in September and while it ceded its stranglehold of being the most popular SUV in the country to a cheaper rival, it remains by far the best-selling B-segment SUV. As for the Proton Exora, the MPV remains the undisputed leader in its segment and as it approaches the end of its production run, 367 units were sold in September to raise its total sales to 3,517 units this year.

As for the remaining Proton models, the Proton Saga maintains its standing as the second best-selling A-segment sedan and the second most popular vehicle in Malaysia. With 5,648 units sold in September, its YTD figure now stands at a remarkable 51,484 units, equivalent to an increase of 26.8% over the previous year. The Proton Iriz has seen an even bigger increase. With 682 units sold, its YTD total is now 6,044 units, which is an improvement of 44.8%. Finally, the Proton X70 returned to second overall in the C-segment sedan class with sales numbers of 779 units for the month and 8,778 units cumulatively.

“September was a quiet month for the automotive industry leading to a downturn in sales compared to August. Many buyers are adopting a wait and see approach in anticipation of the tabling of the 2024 national budget on 13 October and this led to some short-term effects. The overall mood of the market however remains buoyant with new introductions continuing at a record pace.

“For PROTON, our sales remain strong thanks to the combination of technology and value offered by our models. As an example, the Proton X50 has been the best-selling B-segment SUV for nearly three full years and with production now meeting demand, we are able to deliver units to customers with minimal waiting time. Another example is the Proton Persona, that is undergoing a sales recovery in 2023 and sits atop the B-segment sedan market. Such achievements will give the company a strong baseline going into 2024 and with updates and new model introductions in the pipeline, we are hopeful of being able to continue our ascent to be amongst the leading automotive brands in the region,” said Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Proton Edar.




PROTON September 2023 – Individual Model Performance (including export)

Model No of units sold Total Sales 2023 Sales achievement for the month
Saga 5,648 51,484 2nd highest volume A-segment sedan
Persona 2,053 18,614 2nd highest volume B-segment sedan
Exora 367 3,517 Highest volume C-segment MPV
Iriz 682 6,044 3rd highest volume B-segment hatchback
X70 779 8,778 2nd highest volume C-segment SUV
X50 2,210 24,960 Highest volume B-segment SUV
X90 491 3,435 Highest volume D-segment SUV
Total 12,230 116,832