05 Feb 2024

  • 12,882 units sold in January is the best start to a year since 2013
  • Sales outperform previous month as well as January 2023


Subang Jaya, 5 February 2024 - National carmaker PROTON enjoyed its best start to a year since 2013 by selling 12,882 units (domestic and export) in January. This enabled Proton to be the only automotive brand to record better sales performance compared to December 2023, an increase of 1.3%, while compared to January last year sales have increased by 10.3%. As a result of the strong start to the year, PROTON comfortably retained second place in the sales table.

The company’s market share for the month is estimated to be 19.5%, which is 3.3% higher compared to the previous month. The Total-Industry-Volume for January is estimated to be 66,134 units, which would translate to a decline of 15.6% compared to December that saw the numbers inflated by the traditional year-end push for higher vehicle sales to close 2023.

Five models lead respective segments as S70 set deliveries begin in 2024

Deliveries of the newest addition to the Proton lineup, the Proton S70, have begun with a commendable 1,442 units delivered in January. The model currently boasts an order book with over 8,000 bookings, reflecting the strong and positive response it has received from eager customers. The model S70 also made its way to its first export market in Brunei, as 15 units were delivered ahead of its official launch there in February.

Meanwhile the most popular SUV in Malaysia, Proton X50, continued its reign to start the new year. With 2,002 units sold in January, it remains at the top the king for B-segment SUVs, which is a testament to its enduring popularity more than three years after its launch. Similarly, the Proton Persona also started the year well by leading sales for B-segments sedan with 1,846 units sold.

The range topping Proton X90 also had a month to remember as it remains the leader in the D-segment SUV market, with a total of 365 units sold in January. This was matched by the Proton Exora and although production has ended, the C-segment MPV remained relevant with 203 units sold.

After ending 2023 with an impressive 70,184 units sold, the Proton Saga started 2024 strongly with 6,129 units sold, affirming its enduring popularity and significance within the Proton portfolio. The robust start to the year reinforces the Saga's position as a cornerstone in Proton's legacy and highlights its unwavering influence in Malaysia’s automotive industry.

As for the other Proton model, sales for the Proton Iriz jumped by 7% compared to December with 523 units sold while 372 of the Proton X70 were sold last month.

“PROTON is thrilled to start 2024 strongly, highlighted by the strong delivery numbers for our latest addition, the Proton S70. The enthusiastic response to our lineup confirms how our models resonate with buyers searching for innovative vehicles. Rest assured, we are fully dedicated to meeting the heightened demand from our customers, and the team is diligently working to ensure timely deliveries, to ensure customer expectations are not only met but exceeded.

“Currently, many project Malaysian automotive sales to contract in 2024 after a record-setting year in 2023 due to factors such as increase in SST as well as the introduction of the luxury goods tax. PROTON however remains optimistic our strong start to the year will set the tone for the next 11 months as we target more sales growth with our continued focus on innovation, quality and customer service." said Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Edar.




PROTON January 2024 – Individual Model Performance (including export)

Model No of units sold Total Sales 2024 Sales achievement for the month
Saga 6,129 6,129 2nd highest volume A-segment sedan
Persona 1,846 1,846 Highest volume B-segment sedan
Exora 203 203 Highest volume C-segment MPV
Iriz 523 523 3rd highest volume B-segment hatchback
X70 372 372 3rd highest volume C-segment SUV
X50 2,002 2,002 Highest volume B-segment SUV
X90 365 365 Highest volume D-segment SUV
S70 1,442 1,442 Highest volume C-segment sedan
Total 12,882 12,882 2nd highest volume overall sales