09 Jul 2024

Subang Jaya, 9 July 2024 – National automotive company PROTON demonstrated its dedication to advancing Malaysia’s automotive industry through talent development during the National Training Week (NTW) 2024. The event, held at National Stadium Bukit Jalil on 29 and 30 June, was organized by HRD Corp under the auspices of the Ministry of Human Resources to promote cutting-edge skills and lifelong learning.

A Strategic Focus on Youth and Talent Development

At the heart of PROTON's participation in NTW 2024 was a clear message the development of talent is critical to achieving the company’s goal of becoming a global leader in the automotive industry. The company has crafted seven strategic thrusts, with "Talent Development" standing out as one of the pivotal priorities.

This strategic focus aims to tackle the multifaceted business challenges by nurturing staff experiences and cultivating homegrown leaders. Aligning with the Human Capital department’s 10-year strategic roadmap, PROTON is committed to investing in human capital growth and enhancing their capabilities. This is underscored by significant investments and strategic initiatives such as the PROTON Young Talent (PYT) programme, a fasttrack career development initiative offering young talents multifunctional job rotations and project-based assignments to accelerate their skills, that began in 2018 and has hired 178 young talents, with 143 currently serving the company.

The current plan calls for the hiring of over 100 new talents in 2024 and to double this number in the coming years. Since 2022, PROTON has invested over RM 9.4 million in training and development programs, dedicating more than 100,000 training hours annually to ensure that future leaders of Malaysia’s automotive industry are well-prepared.

This initiative aligns seamlessly with DRB-HICOM's broader strategy to develop the automotive industry in Malaysia through the establishment of the Automotive High Technology Valley (AHTV), aimed at fostering advanced automotive technology and nurturing a highly skilled workforce.

“PROTON is deeply committed to nurturing the talents of our youth and equipping them with the skills necessary to excel in the automotive industry. Our involvement in the National Training Week reflects our dedication to continuous learning and innovation. By investing in our young talents and providing them with world-class training opportunities, we are not only shaping the future of PROTON but also contributing to Malaysia’s ambition to become a leader in the automotive arena," said Dr. Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer of PROTON.

Innovative Exhibits and Engaging Activities

Visitors to the PROTON showcase at NTW 2024 were treated to a display of the latest advancements in the automotive industry. Two of its newest car models attracted significant attention while adding to the excitement exclusive sessions on the Future of Mobility that encompassed the CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) philosophy, offering attendees insights into the future landscape of transportation.


A noteworthy moment at the event occurred when PYT members presented information about the impact the programme had on their skills development to the Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who attended the session hosted by Amran Mohd Tomin, PROTON’s Vice President of Human Capital, to emphasize the importance of nurturing the next generation of industry leaders.

Recognition and Career Opportunities

PROTON’s efforts in nurturing talent have been recognized with numerous accolades. During the exhibition, over 500 applications were received from aspiring candidates eager to join the company, highlighting the company’s role as a top employer in the industry. Upskilling and reskilling the workforce, particularly in Electric Vehicle (EV) knowledge, remain top priorities for PROTON with engineers and subject matter experts being actively sent for onthe-job training at Geely in China, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving automotive industries.